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Our Auto Body Repair Process

  • Arrival and inspection: Once the vehicle arrives at Colonial Collision and Reconditioning, it is inspected and relevant data is entered into the computerized estimator system. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of the repairs. Often, there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until the vehicle is disassembled.
  • Insurance estimate: Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will be notified, if applicable, and they will review the estimate. When the estimate is approved, the vehicle begins the repair process and initial parts are ordered.
  • Disassembly and parts: Initial parts are already here. In disassembly, hidden damage is often found. Many times this will require scheduling insurance reinspections and ordering additional parts for the repair. Additional parts for the vehicle are ordered. If a part needs to be specially ordered, the order will be placed as necessary. The repair process cannot be completed until all parts are received.
  • Structural repair: In this step, the unibody or frame is returned to the factory specification. Special equipment is used to monitor all phases of this step. The frame of the vehicle is analyzed and repaired as necessary.
  • Body repair: All exterior panels are repaired or replaced and all metal finishing is done. The vehicle begins to take shape as sheet metal is installed and aligned. From here, the vehicle will go to the paint department.
  • Painting: Paint preparation is a critical step in the finishing process of the vehicle. All panels are prepared, primed and sealed to ensure proper adhesion when the final color coating and clear coats are applied. All trim is removed prior to painting, eliminating the possibility of paint adhesion problems.
  • Reassembly: Final molding and detail pieces are reinstalled. Vehicle systems are checked. The vehicle is now almost ready for delivery. Two hours after refinishing, the vehicle is road ready as the paint has been baked on for adhesion.
  • Repaired and detailed: During the repair process, the vehicle accumulates dust and dirt from the repairs. The vehicle will be detailed. It will then be road tested to ensure that all repairs were accomplished properly and all systems are working properly. After a final inspection, the vehicle will be ready for return to the customer.
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